Friday, October 16, 2015

Challenge for Artsy Inkers

INK15 Warm-Up activity 

Hi Artsy Inkers!
Please start your timer for 30 minutes now.

Artsy Inkers certainly have a wide range of embossing supplies and experience using them.  During your  30 minutes you can explore the various textures of different types of embossing powder and try simple ways to create heat embossing with alternative adhesives you have on hand. There are NO Rules for what you create.  Hopefully this activity will help you explore new ideas for you to incorporate EP into this week’s challenges. 

Here are some possible ideas of what you may want to create as you warm-up your creative juices:

        Create a  swatch sheet for your winter colors or ones you have limited experience using.
I embossed each tape separately. Used anti-static bag before any embossing.

OR:.Use your traditional methods to prepare paper surface with anti-static method and heat emboss powder. Try using what you have on hand to adhere the embossing powder:
Sakura Quickie glue  looks like a ballpoint pen
Glue dots
Double stick tape
Hot glue
Or any other adhesive you have on hand

OR—Create new hand-drawn embossed designs, or accent edges with embossing powder; or emboss die cuts; or emboss items other than stamped images.

Or make a  small gift card to explore using these techniques.

OR anything else you would like to try!   
Happy creating!...Jan

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  1. Thanks for the great idea, I need to see what embossing colors I need with the holidays coming up!!


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