Saturday, January 23, 2016

Artsy Inker's Winterfest Challenge

WF16 Inside, Outside and a Surprise  


Keyword:  WF16 IOS

Challenge Overview: This challenge is designed so player's can focus on stamping and coloring with inks and paint.  Players will create a large matchbox with primarily stamps and ink.  And will create a handmade surprise which includes stamps and inks that fits inside the matchbox as a gift or surprise.

Tutorial:  Players will begin with a sturdy white cardstock that is easy to fold.

Cover-Cut 1 piece for the cover:  3  3/4” x  7  5/8”

Score the sections so they are  2  7/8"     5/8"      2  7/8 "      5/8"   5/8" wide.

Stamp and ink (or paint) as you desire. Consider adding some dimension as well as texture. 

Once dry add adhesive to the top of the far right flap and adhere to the underside of the left panel to create the open ended slide-on cover.


Drawer- cut 1 piece of same cardstock 4  3/4"w x 5  3/4"long.

Score 2 lines, parallel to each outer edge at 1/2" and 1".

Cut out the green area of each corner.


Then snip the inside solid line beside each remaining corner tab. Fold the tab on the dotted scored line.  

Trim each tab and flap a smidgen to soften the corners to provide some ease for when the sides are glued into place.

While the drawer is still flat stamp and ink (or paint) to decorate the top and bottom of the cardstock. Once all the decorating is completely dry it is time to fold  the drawer into place

To create the drawer's walls fold each of the side flaps inwards to the score line (but not over the score line).  Open the 2 side flaps and add a strong medium or tape to hold the 2 layers in place. These should be firmly adhered. 

Fold the bottom flap to the inner score line (but not over the score line), open and add adhesive (similiar to sides but do not press together yet) at the left corner slip the tab between the layers of the bottom flap press together to adhere. Move to the left corner and repeat.  Move to top flap and repeat.

Test your drawer inside your cover and make sure it works properly.  

Now that you have finished your box it is time to create a new handmade stamped and/or inked item which will complete this gift or surprise box.

 Once you complete this challenge please post in the gallery with the Keyword:WF16IOS  Please include a description of what you did and sign your name.  (thanks Sadie for the gallery lesson). Then return to the AI thread for this challenge and share tips and tricks as well as a link to your gallery post.

Challenge opens: 1/23/16 and closes 1/31/16 at midnight your time.

This challenge may be combined with 2 others. 

A RAK will be provided for one randomly selected winner.

This is not the easiest challenge to write.  If you have any questions please just leave me a note and I will respond as soon as I can but with the time difference I would appreciate players helping to respond when possible. I hope you have fun!  No worries this is about doing what we do best...stamping and inking everywhere and all is good!

Enjoy your creative playtime today and stay warm!

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful sample and the clear instructions! Can't wait to try it! I don't think I've ever made a matchbox.

  2. Your example is wonderful. The measurements are a work of art. Thank you for posting this and hosting this challenge.

  3. I am going to give this a go. I am not sure if I can finish it today but I am going to try. These types of challenges always intimidate me, but I am sure it is easier once I just get started. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

  4. Jan, Just wanted to let you know that I use this tuturial today to make a box for a gift card. Thanks for posting these directions on your blog!


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