Sunday, September 23, 2007

Winter is right around the corner!

Our birch and aspen leaves fell mostly this weekend. This is the latest fall I can remember in Fairbanks generally our leaves are down by the beginning of September. It is to be in the 30's this week so it was a busy weekend of preparing for winter. In anticipation of 8 months of not cleaning one's windows it is a big job that is always a part of winter preparation...not to mention the removal of all the plants, the raking of leaves and of course the storage of everything that can be damaged at 40 below.

With winter on it's way Jennifer challenged me to using a technique I didn't use all summer--embossing paste. So above is my finished card. All summer I thought about embossing paste and knew I should do it then...I was right it just didn't want to dry today. After several hours it still needed some heat gun encouragement. I mixed pearl ex into the white paste for some colors. The background is stipled Lumiere on black paper. Of course this is some of my final flowers and leaves I dried this season.


  1. Jan, your embossing paste is GORGEOUS. These very rich and warm colors of the leaves and the touch of purple of the flowers is so beautiful. WOW! I love this.

    OK! You've thrown the gauntlet and I'm up for your challenge. So now I'm off to play with embossing paste.

    Again, this card is wonderful. I know that a scan can't possibly do it justice!

  2. You did an amazing job with the embossing paste! It's something that I have not tried yet. TFS

  3. You have such lovely nature cards posted! Thanks for sharing.

    Mary (toao)

  4. What a yummy card! I adore the background with the beautiful combo of fall leaves and your last flower of summer. Just amazing.


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