Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doodle the stress away!

Wow this is such a relaxing card to make! I started with the "winkle-free" distress technique and filled in the background with open doodle type stamps. Then it is all about breathing deep and using 2 pens-1 black and 1 white to add lines, dots and doo-dahs and I was happy to use the simple layout sketch Roni at Ink Stains provided this week. If you like Ranger Ink products I highly recommend that you make Ink Stains a regular stop on your blog list!


  1. Jan this is just gorgeous! I love your doodling on it! Thanks for the great link to Ink Stains! Looks like a bunch of great stuff!

  2. Fab card, love the background effect you made.

  3. This is so cool! Very pretty and the dots and doodles are really fun!

  4. Very pretty & fun! You know, I could do the stamping on several cards & then leave them by the phone... when I'm on the phone at work I usually doodle around gthe edges of my desk calendar - doing it on stamps would be much more productive! :-)

    You're absolutely right about Ink Stains being a MUST SEE website! I love it there - Roni has so many good ideas! :-)


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