Saturday, October 4, 2008

World stamping day challenge

Tons of challenges are happening all over the net to celebrate our special card making day! Hope you are find challenges that you are enjoying.

My friend Jennifer threw out this challenge last week-to use a bottle label to make a card. I must say with a little hot water soak it came off lots easier than I ever expected. I cut the design out of the bottle cap to use as an embellishment. It is a little hard to see in the picture but it is a large dark image of a mama polar bear with a lighter image baby bear...and it is our "Made in Alaska" trademark that is purchase by locals to designate products that are truly made here.

I have been on a few other challenges too-
Wonderful Women was an eye catching challenge for me at 2 peas. This one also qualified for the 2 or more mingled flourishes and some doodling!

I wanted to begin working on some Christmas cards so I am also playing over at Scrapbook News and Review. You have to register to play but it is free.

For this card I used the Blue Christmas inspiration photo. I made a homemade glimmer mist background. It shimmers with gold flakes.

This contest at SRN was sponsored by Apple Blossom Studio Stamps and required a border. I am off and running to play some more!


  1. Hi, Far North! I really like all the fun cards you made today in honor of World Card Making Day! You've been busy!

    Also ... you have been tagged! Drop by my blog (click through my name) and read all about it! :-)

  2. hello Far North ( is that your real name ??)

    through Anne's tagging I came over to you to see quite a lot of cards !!
    You're a busy bee in cardmaking, you're already making christmascards...

    I just get used to the feeling of autumn ( trees are loosing their leaves, it's raining cats and dogs..) and you are already talking about snow at your place... brrrr...

    The fun thing about it, is that it's no weather to go out, so creating in a warm cosy house..mmmm... what could you wish for more ?

    Inge from Belgium

  3. Lovely cards...I thought you were slowing! I like it when you get on a roll...and we get to see all the beautiful things you create!

  4. Jan, I LOVE your card using a label. And what a wonderful label and card this is! Thank you for playing my challenge and I'll be sending you your Flower Soft starter kit in tomorrow's mail.

    Thanks again for playing the challenge!

  5. Jan you ROCKED the house on these challenges! I love all your cards! We came back from the farm early since it is pouring rain! So I think I am going to head to my studio and work on some of these challenges!

  6. World Card Making Day? I haven't heard anything about this... I love all your cards, especially the blue one! The bottle label card is very creative!

  7. Jan these cards are beautiful1!! You always do such wonderful work!I love the always friends, just beautiful!!

  8. Jan, I didn't realize Anne had tagged you... well, so have I. You'll have to leave Anne and me out of the tagging and I hope you visit me at I can't believe how great your card is using a label. And I loved your box for the season.

  9. Wow you have been so busy, love your bottle label card - what a fun idea. The winter mittens one is gorgeous too.

  10. A great lot of your creativity is in these wonderful cards. I have to say the Winter season is enticing when I look at these.


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