Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite things about the holidays is making merry for
others. Even as a child I can remember staying up into the wee hours to have enough time to finish a special surprise. Some things don't change much. I still do not get enough sleep when I am excited about making a special project to surprise my friends.

One of this year's highlights was sharing in a couple handmade ornaments swaps. Oh my, what fun I had! Most of the ornaments are fairly small since I am swapping internationally. I decide to place them on some frosted branches on a shelf which I can see when using my computer. Here's a few close-ups but click on the pictures to get an enlarged view.

Every one is a beauty! I received a knitted beaded tree from Sarah in Australia. Dymphie from the Netherlands made with copper embossed covered book and shares lots of photos of her process on her blog. Saddly she has waited over a month and not all her ornaments have just arrive . Other ornaments include a felted tree with beads, Daria made a mini canvas covered with embossed copper and inset picture, a paper block ornament, Christmas art under glass with a soldered frame, a memory framed ornament and Annie created the 3-D shadow box at the bottom.

Here are also a few of the cards I didn't have time to share while I was making merry.

Merry Christmas!


  1. wonderful display of the ornaments Jan! Love the branches, it looks as if there are lights in also, are there?

    Hope you had a wonderful and merry Christmas.

  2. Those ornaments look great on the sparkly branches Jan, love that idea. Fun cards too - you've been a busy elf!

  3. Gorgeous ornaments Jan. I'm hoping you enjoy the beaded tree for many more Christmases


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