Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just duckie Easter Bonnet

I don't often create humorous cards but when Melanie Muenchinger created a challenge to use the scraps on your table she got me into the laughing spirit. Sometimes I just can't bare to immediately trash "almost good" stuff that I really should. This duck image is great but when I was heating the embossing some black flecks flew onto the duck's neck. Now how does on ever recovery that kind of problem?..experts always encourage embellishments so that is how I started with a string of pearls. The flower that was not the right shade of pink for another card was folded for a half and glitter added. And the duckie's picture came together with that minuscule piece of ribbon I couldn't trash...all placed on the background that was not the ideal layout for a previous card and now it is fabulous wallpaper for the duck's picture. Oh what fun to save all those great snippets from the landfill! Thanks Melanie for a terrific challenge and the chuckles!
Happy Easter!


  1. Miss Duckey is stylin' in her lovely Easter Bonnet and pearls. Happy Easter, my friend. VERY cute card!

  2. I my goodness, how cute this is, Jan. I love that you took the humorous theme and made it uniquely your own. The flower bonnet made me smile. Happy Easter!


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