Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ribbon Weaving with Closed Curved Punch

Falling Leaves

I recently purchased a Fiskers Interchanage Closed Curved Punch.   I made the card to show a punch effect as well as one filled with ribbon.

The Fiskars new Interchangeable Punch Series has a frame base that is purchased and then several choices of punch design (puchased seperately) that can be dropped into the base. The punch flaps fold for storage creating a small stackable rectangular box for all each punch design.  A nifty way to be be a little earth friendly as well as storage friendly.

I now have spent several hours experimenting with my curved punch and determined repeatable ways to achieve results what I may want to use. Here is a sampling of the materials and my experiment results: 
1.   ½ inch seam binding no edging-this lightweight ribbon has no body and made it difficult to use. After many attempts I could not get ribbon in the bottom section to equally fluff .
2.   3/8 inch seam binding with edge worked much easier than #1
3.   3/8 inch satin ribbon also works well.
4.   ¼ inch weavers of designer paper leave a small opening showing the card base. I found 3/8 inch to be too wide to weave.
      5.     1/4 inch plus a smidgeon for paper weavers works best for me
Instructions for using the Fiskars Interchangeable Closed Curve Punch
to create punched ribbon embellishments for cards 4.25 x 5.5 inches
1.   Cut a cardstock weaving base 4.75 inches long x 3/4 inches wide.  I like 3/8 width ribbon best.  When using decorative paper to I found ¼ inches plus a smidgeon works best for me. 
2.      Insert ribbon base into closed curve punch from left to 1st grid line, past last punch. Punch.
3.   Move punched cardstock to the right matching to the end of template printed on the base of punch. Punch again. 
4.   You are now ready to weave ribbon. Begin at small semi-circle end.  Leave a small tail to turn over to back if you so wish. Weave the ribbon (or paper) down the hole under 2 bars, up and over 2, repeat under and over until the end. The ribbon/paper will be on the top side when finished and will stay firmly in place; cut as desired. 

Experimenting is always fun...thanks for letting me share it with you.
Happy crafting!


  1. Wow!! What a lot of great info and it's really interesting to see the different effects you can create by weaving the ribbon slightly differently. This is really valuable info you have shared - thank you!!

  2. great job Jan. thanks for sticking with it and sharing your results.

    Laura B.

  3. What beautiful effects! Thanks for sharing your findings too! :O)


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