Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creating Sparkling Embossed Backgrounds

Here's a favorite technique to add glitter sparkle without glitter all over me and every little thing I come near. I use this technique with artsy layer backgrounds I create but it certainly can be used with any embossing you do. I personally didn’t worry too much the precision of the coverage since any extra white inks or glitter blend with my mottled background.
1. Select an embossing folders- designs that are very close together and little blank space in between the images work best. 2. Creating an artsy background paper- I begin with inking my craft mat with variety of distress ink spots and lightly misting before laying my white paper into them and then dabbing the remaining ink into the paper as desired. Heat dry. Additional layers of ink can be added as desired. 3. On the following background I added distress ink on the top inside of the embossing folder close to the image before embossing. Note it is easy to wipe off excess or misplace ink on the folder. Run through embossing machine.
4. After embossing: On several of my examples I swipped Memories white metallic ink across the top of the dry embossing.
5. Adding Glitter: Squeezed glitter glue (I use stickles)the size of about the amount to cover a quarter on an acetate packaging scrap. Cover brayer by rolling only away from oneself) then roll glitter over top of embossed area. Roll in one direction add more glitter to brayer and roll in the opposite direction. My goal was to create a sparsely glitter the embossed background. The glitter will dry very quickly in these small quantities. The glitter glue should be left to air dry. Stickles will dry quickly if applied in a thin layer. Note-Heating glitter glue adhesives may burn the glitter.
Card with sparkle embossed background


  1. Those are pretty Jan! What a great idea to use the brayer to add the stickles!

  2. I would have never thought of this! These are great! Terrific examples!

  3. What an amazing design! I love the softness and colors!!!! I am now a follower :) big hugs!!!


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