Friday, July 27, 2007

Bubble backgrounds arrive!

As one might guess after I learned to make bubble backgrounds the original one's sent for creating the ATC arrived! Many thanks Dymphie for your extra efforts to in sending the 2nd batch! I must confess I have been a little concerned now that I am deep into this project that I don't have stamps that one would specifically associate with I just had to take a leap and try to see what would work. The new batch of backgrounds have small bubbles which are great proportionately for the small ATCs. Dymphie felt the smaller bubbles were from a slight extra abundance of the soap.

Here I tried to use the full bubble background. The flowers and circles are scraps from a salt resist background I made for another project. The flowers are ones I have collected and dried in the past month.

On this one I use parts on top of a bubble background combined with a brown Paint Jewels background-a acrylic transparent paint. I stamp and embossed the background with flowers and leaves on the painted background. The bubble layers were then added, some dried flowers and a few final doodles.

Time to get these in the mail especially if it takes a couple more weeks for them to get back to Europe. Thanks for looking!


  1. Nature and bubbles go GREAT together! These are awesome!

  2. Love the flowers in combination with the bubbles. Some great work here!

  3. Amazing backgrounds, Jan. I love the various colors you were able to create!!! The way you use dried flowers is just awesome.

  4. Wowza! This looks great. My favorite is the second with the pansies and the colors really are beautiful but both are absolutely exceptional. This is gorgeous!

  5. the pansies one is so totally gorgeous!
    I am really liking all of them Jan, but the one with the pressed flowers is so totally COOL!

  6. I love the grey background bubbles with your colorful flowers. Great color combo.

  7. These are absolutely beautiful.
    It is my imagination or is there a
    little foxlike face in the pansy
    petal? I'm not even on drugs either!


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