Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A second glance-Duct Tape Divas

There are times when looking through a gallery of cards that one is overlooked until some of the details are described. Such was the case of this Regatta entry as it floated by me amid a large cluster. But from the 57 enties the judges recognized the intensive overall work these four ladies put into their creation of a convertible. As well these ladies created high fashion duct tape dresses complete with tiaras and captured an overall third place award. This second glance is a salute to the broad range of ways women express their creativity.


  1. LOL! Now THAT'S creative! I bet those men could appreciate their creativity too. I don't know a single man who does keep duct tape in every possible location just in case...

  2. Duct tape can be used for anything...they definitely proved it. Very innovative.


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