Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stamptoberfest Oct 6-13th

Lumiere Resist Challenge

I am hosting the following stamping challenge on the 2 peas website. Recently they had a technical remodel on their site and are still experiencing some glitches. Therefore I am posting my challenge also here as part of our backup plan. Any stamper is welcome to play. If at all possible we would like you to post in the 2 peas gallery. The message board will have details on all the challenges that will run to Saturday October 13th. Look for the post on the message board that says SOF MASTER THREAD--it gives a snapshot of all the challenges and will have links to all the full descriptions. Bless sweet Sandy's heart for all the work she does to keep that page current!

Make one item that includes a Lumiere resist background.
Supplies needed: Lumiere (perhaps a gold, pearl white, or silver if you are only buying one color). Dye ink, glossy white paper, popsicle stick or something to stir paint, a pallete something like a coated paper plate/ recycled CD etc; about a foot of cheap plastic wrap or a piece of plastic grocery bag; sponge or brayer; tissue.
To create a resist background:
Use something like a wooden popsicle stick to stir the Lumiere paint and then place a doable about the size of nickel on a coated paper plate, a CD disk or the like.
Wad up a small amount of plastic wrap (stiffer is better).The wrinkles in the plastic will add interest to your background. So hold it in your hand like a stamp bounce it back and forth between the paint and add your glossy white card stock.. To regulate the coat of paint I generally lightly tap off some next to the paint doable after each coating. The background will have a significant amount of white space when completed. I use a heat gun to set the paint and insure any thick areas are completely dry.
You may choose to use a sponge or a rubber brayer to cover your background with dye ink. Immediately after covering with ink take a tissue and gently shine paper in a circular motion, removing ink from the Lumiere. Your background is then ready for use.
This technique is sometime called Faux Mother of Pearl when pearl white Lumiere is used…but all the metallic colors make great backgrounds so don’t limit yourself when working with this fun resist technique. The finished product will definitely produce a classy look..

If you have trouble finding Lumiere-you might check the local JoAnn’s. In there fabric painting aisle they carry prepackaged sets of 6 bottles of paint for about $12…but I am sure you can find a coupon.

This challenge is Open Until Saturday, October 13, 2007 Noon-EST. Shortly thereafter I will randomly select one participant to win the Santa Claus UM stamp. All entries should be posted and include SOF-Lumiere Resist in the title. If you can't post on 2 peas you are welcome to leave a note here or I will be happy to post if you don't have a blog.
If I can answer any questions please leave a note here.
Thanks for playing!…Far North (Jan)


  1. This is such a great tutorial Jan. I gave my mom my bottle of lumiere, then went to pick it up this weekend and forgot it. So, I'm trying to get it together to try it.

  2. Your work is beautiful as always, Jan, and your work gets me thinking and I like that. So, I tagged you as thinking blogger along with the name game. If you want to play, go to my website at

  3. Jan, one question about your tutorial. When do you stamp the image and with what? I assume you stamp it first somehow maybe with versamark and then dabb with lumiere? Thanks. Sorry I'm dense.

  4. I love the elegant and simplistic look of the leaf card... tutorials are great.


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