Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to: A Few Loose Threads Tutorial and Challenge

Everyone is welcome to play this challenge!

If you haven't already heard Feb 2-9 the folks at 2 Peas are enjoying winter with week long rubber stamp challenge activities. This is one of many. If you want to know about the others checkout the 2 Peas message board.

On some days do you feel a little loose and fun spirited? Well that’s exactly how I hope you are feeling as you enjoy playing in WinterStamp08! In this challenge we are going to loosen a few more threads to create our own printed paper with the look of textured cloth.

Supplies needed:
white and glossy cardstock –they will create different results
soft brayer
dye ink—can be multi-color pads
cheesecloth (can be found in grocery or fabric stores generally precut and packaged)
recycled card board and masking tape

Tip-you can always click on a blog photo if you want to see a larger view.
Cut a used cardboard to approx 7x7 size. Cut cheesecloth to about the same size. Now is the time to turn up the music. Take the cheesecloth and remove a few of the loose threads-possibly in both directions. When you have the cloth as you desire, lay it on the cardboard. Tape three sides allowing one open side to slip in your cardstock. Brayer with dye ink in one direction changing colors if desired.

Turn 90 degrees and add more ink as you please. Results are always a surprise. Use in making a card.

Posting results— I would love to see a photo of the backgrounds you create but do know it takes the use of your loose thread paper on a card to be eligible for the random drawing for the stamp set. Please post a link on the 2 Peas message board thread-to your gallery post. Plan B-if the 2 peas gallery crashes from our extensive use, you can post a link here in the coments to the location of your posted picture.

Prize-A random participant playing this challenge will be selected to recieve an acrylic sassafras stamp set. This is a border set designed so you can first stamp with the flat back side of the stamp to create a shadow effect before stamping the actual detailed image. I know you will love it.
Hope you enjoy this opportunity to play a little more with your inks!...Jan


  1. Beautiful backgrounds! Looks like a fun challenge!

  2. Oh, these are gorgeous, Jan. I love all the samples you show here. Your pansy card takes my breath away. Did I tell you I have a brand new huge brayer just waiting for this challenge. Yipeee!

  3. If I can track down some cheesecloth, I'm in. I love your samples.

  4. This is so cool! I hope I can find some cheesecloth! LOVE the cards, especially the pansy one!

  5. Wow, wow, wow- just stunning, and so simple. Off to find some cheesecloth!


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