Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is the card I made for my Mom's birthday card. I hope she enjoys it during the next few weeks. She was a lovely quilter in her younger days and enjoyed hand quilting her pieces. This Ipattern reminds me of a quilt she made for me in the 60's. My quilt is very bright yellow, orange and white. I hope she enjoys the card!...I enjoy my quilt!

Afraid this didn't take nearly the time of her quilting but it is still filled with love. This is how I made it-- I started with 16- 1" squares of red and 8-1" square of white stamped cardstock. I cut the white squares diagonally and glued on top of the red squares. I then cut 4 pieces of 2x2 thin cardstock. Look at the block and visually cut it into 1/2 horizonally and vertically result in 4 equal sized 2x2 blocks. Focusing on one 2x2 and I made all 4 the same pattern gluing the 4-1"blocks on the 2x2. Rotate each 2x2 a 1/4 turn more than the previous. All four pieces are the same layout just turned one position. Then place the 4 pieces on a 4 1/4 piece of white cardstock. I put the red mat through the cuttlebug twice to make a swirl backaground. My final card is 5 1/2"square. It is actually a fairly simple card which comes together easily once you get a feel for the layout. Happy stamping!


  1. Beautiful card. Happy Birthday to your mom :)


  2. Happy Birthday Mom! Oh, it is a lovely card, Jan. I can see just how you laid those blocks together. How could she not love it. Red and white quilts are my absolute favorite.

  3. I love this, I'll be trying it for sure!

  4. Wow Jan this is gorgeous, thanks for sharing how you did it too!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday wish to your mom!

    Oh Jan...this is wonderful. It really looks complicated and time consuming to make but the outcome is stunning! I love it and I know your mmom does too!

    ~ Jennifer

  6. Stunning! I too have a quilting Mum. I think I need step by step photos to figure out the layout though, I was with you at triangles, but lost it after that :)

  7. I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday. I am sure this card brightened her day.


  8. love it - I think I just found what my Valentine's cards are going to be this year! Thank you!


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