Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

No matter how you celebrate Easter Sunday, March 23 is a very special day. The last time it was this early was in 1913, and the next will be in 2060! So for some of us this will be the only time we experience Easter this take a moment to think about how special this day is.

Last night I colored a few eggs but equally important I enjoyed re-using the dye to color some shipping tags...what can I say, some of us incorporate our favorite hobby every chance we get!
The yellow (a tad brighter than the photo shows), orange and red tags are wonderful. The blue, purple colors didn't dye as well. I do love the pastel colors!
Happy Easter my friends!...Jan


  1. What a SUPER idea Jan!!! They look gorgeous! :)

  2. Happy Easter! Love how you dyed the shipping tags!

  3. Holy cow, Jan. Why didn't I think of this yesterday? Great idea.

  4. oh wow the manilla gives them such a beautiful color. way better then white does.

    have to dig out some tags too.


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