Saturday, May 30, 2015

For Artsy Inkers: AIR folded card challenge

Welcome to a challenge to make a 3 layered card with Z- fold! 

Please know there are several card designs that meet this description so I am providing details to show you how to make the card's cuts and folds needed for this challenge.  I highly recommend making a mock-up version prior to making the final version.  

Photo 1
Your challenge-Use a 6 x 12 piece of white cardstock or watercolor paper to create a Z folded card (bottom edge view).  Your card will follow the cutting and folding style provided here.  

I added blue hightlights to show you the top edges of the 3 layers as seen on the front view of the card.

So let's get started:
Cut a piece of scrap paper into 6X12" (tape together 
a couple piece if necessary).

On your 6x12 paper the top (blank area in photo) needs to be cut off at a diagonal. Mark a tick mark at 3" on the left edge of your paper.  Draw a straight line from that point to the upper right corner. It should look like a straight line sitting across the top edges of the flowers above. Cut on the line. Cut off-this triangle piece will not be used for this card.

Fold the paper at 4" with a mountain peak fold  and at 8" with to valley fold to create 3 equal sized panels.  The left side is the shortest section and is the front of the card.

Now you are ready to design your card...this part is totally up to you. 

A note from my experience- know the center panel only needs designs on the front and back for the card to have a complete look when looking at the front as well as the inside of the card.  I also learned the images on the top edge need to be relatively aligned if you want to cut that edge to mimic the stamp's edge across the top of each card.  You will see in the 1st photo I didn't match the images on the edge on the center panel resulting in the card's front view of the card looks like I was trying to cut a scalloped edge. 

Please post your complete card and details in the gallery and title AIR folded card challenge. Provide a link on my discussion thread along with any learnings you may want to share.

This challenge may be combined with others. The challenge will be open until Sunday June 7, 11:59 pm your time.  I will provide a surprise to a randomly selected winner.

Have fun!...Jan


  1. Cool challenge. I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on for this one.


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