Sunday, June 26, 2016

Backgrounds made with Liquitex Professional Spray Paints

Hi there!
Last week I joined 5 ladies from the Northwoods Books Arts Guild to spray papers for bookmaking.  Wow what a delightful evening spraying layer after layer of paint to create wonderful combinations of plant and stencil images.

This was made on a 20x30 Arches Watercolor paper.  Sorry reducing the pictures for my blog lost some of the wonderful detail. All of us brought 3 cans of Liquitex spray paint. And since it is spendy for spray paint it was great to be able to share colors. Although the paint comes in about 100 beautiful colors our local Michaels only offered about a dozen.
I selected plant material in the morning and placed it in my flower press to flatten. It is fabulous to enjoy spraying outside in beautiful solstice sunlight.  Unfortunately our evening had some wind gusts and I experienced my plant material blowing off the paper a few times and sometimes dispersing paint across the paper creating a trail of it's own making. Each time it caused great laughter.

  The beautiful papers can now be cut into any size for paper art projects. This was a really fun group project.  Unfortunately all of us experienced our paints nozzles clogging well before our cans were empty so our painting a little sooner than we wished.

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  1. Wonderful backgrounds! Love them!

  2. Wonderful backgrounds! Love them!

  3. These backgrounds are very pretty! I like the pretty layers of color and the patterns. These will make lovely book covers!

  4. So cool! Sounds like a fun evening! If you think of it down the road ... show us how you use them.

  5. How beautiful Jan. You'll have fun with those.


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