Sunday, April 20, 2008

A special tribute for Lenda

Oh my, my heart is heavy...I started regularly participating on internet messages boards 6 years ago on the HGTV-holiday crafts board. This group of women shared many delightful crafts and were always available to support one another. Although I got involved in lots of crafts through this board, I came to realize I wanted to focus specifically on card marking. As things go I lost contact with some good on-line buddies but Lenda and I had stayed in touch and as the years went on she too became involved in papercrafts.
Last summer she joined the Stamp Shack where I spend most of my online time now and I was totally surprise when I found my friend lurking. I posted a welcome note and we chatted through a few messages. But she had much going on in her life so we didn't write very much. I indeed was surprise when I didn't receive a Christmas card or a follow-up response to my e-mail for that had been our tradition. Just recently I made a special card for her but I had an urge to check-in on her here before I sent it so I went back to the crafting board where she spent so much time. I learned that my friend had passed after Thanksgiving to join the other crafting angels. Now she leaves a very empty spot in my heart.
Year after year we would talk about begin excited for springtime, anxious to see the first flowers and the opening of our porches. My springtime card for Lenda reflected that conversation we had so many times. I share the card I made for Lenda with you as I send it off to her family with my sympathy.


  1. Oh, Jan! I am so sorry to hear of her passing and how you came to learn of it. What a beautiful card. Sending you hugs across the miles with love. Jane.

  2. Jan,

    This card is gorgeous! So sorry to hear that your passed away! BIG HUG!

  3. I'm so sorry Jan for your friend Lenda. I'm sure she's still crafting on the other side...Lots of hugz to you ! Fab x (the card is beautiful and very delicate)

  4. Jan,

    I a deeply sorry to hear of Lenda's passing. This card you've created in her honor reflects the creative beauty of your friendship through papercrafts and mories shared online. I know her family will be touched by your thoughtfulness and appreciate hearing from you.


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  6. Jan, what a terrible loss for you. I am so sorry your friend won't be receiving her beautiful spring card. (((Big hugs)))

  7. Hello Jan,
    I had a lump in my throat when I read about your Lenda and that you found out she has passed. I have that feeling as well when close online friends dont post.
    Are you coming on the Tim Holtz Alaska cruise as well?
    If you are we have to meet up, I am in cabin number 5071
    Bridget Larsen
    Canberra Australia

  8. Oh Jan I am so sorry to hear of your friend's's always hard to lose a friend! But what you said inspired me---crafting angels. I never really thought about whether or not there might be rubber stamps in heaven, but if it's a perfect place, it HAS to have what we love to do, right? Lenda is stamping her heart out now! (((hugs)))

  9. Your card is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear of your friend. It always amazes me how close I come to feel about my Internet friends. I amsure her family will be very touched by your card. Jan

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