Friday, August 3, 2007

A creative break

After a long day at work it is so wonderful to find some time for a creative break. Tonight I stopped in at to see the latest challenge. There it was posted--no more than 24 hours to create something from your scrap basket. Perfect!--not enough time to overthink this card and no searching for the right things to use.

So after a few moments of looking at my scrap basket I pulled out the only piece of cardstock that was the right size for a card base and took out a few things that struck my fancy at the moment. This included a small plastic bag (hmm-m another thing I saved from the trash-just in case), some beads and various pieces that were rejects from earlier projects. I quickly determined I wanted to make a shaker card with the bag and beads and worked on putting a combination together. I am not very experienced at shaker cards and immediately put in about 10 times more items than needed for shaking. All the pieces for the birdhouse and the misc elements came straight from the scrap basket. This was a fun card to create and a great way to spend less than an hour.

Happy day!...It is Friday and hopefully the weekend will bring you some time for stamping! If you happen to have a spare moment you might drop by Art Impressions-they have posted the results of their stamp contest that required the use of the photo of the rocks that I posted earlier. It is now time to vote for your fav...
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  1. Oh how fun! You are so creative! I'm looking at my scrap basket and that is as far as I get....just looking. Love the shaker card. How cute!

  2. Wasn't this a fun challenge? I think I'm going to do more cards this way for a while and clean off my desk! :)

  3. wow--a shaker card from your "junk bowl" discards--you are GOOOOOOOOOD!!! :) i love what you did with this...totally, totally impressive!

  4. What a wonderful creative project. I love that you just did it without over-thinking. Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Hello!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and now I see your, I understand why you liked my bird. You have made them a house!!
    To be honest my basked is just my favourite pieces I want to use up!
    I have a bigger container in the't tell! I am bad!! But there are so many cards to be made with all these scraps....I should use them more.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  6. Your scrapbox looks just like mine!! Love your art and your blog!


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