Saturday, August 11, 2007

A little color study

I recently bought a set of Nick Bantock dye ink. The colors are scrumptious! I decided to make a little color study by creating a set of cards with a simple design but feauring a different color for each focal image. Take a look at the cards below and leave a message as to your favorite. Of course as always you can double click an image to see it larger. ****Next Friday, I will pull a name from the comments for a little blog candy.****

Ink colors:
Damson Plum
Rose Madder
Deep Turquoise
Vermillion Lacquer
Van Dyke Brown
Lamp Black


  1. Oh no, I love them all! How do they compare to your other inks, like distress & versafine? Do I need these, too? Beautiful cards.

  2. Tell us about these inks!! I have never heard about them...they look fabulous!

    I pick the middle card, right side. I love that combo!

  3. Oh, I love the one on the bottom right! It is georgeous!!
    Cheryl KVD

  4. It's hard to pick a favorite Jan. I love them all. If I have to pick one, I love the brown one. I haven't heard of these inks before either.

  5. What are Nick Bantock inks? I'm not familiar with them but I must say that you make them magnificent! Are they dye or pigment inks? Each card is gorgeous!

  6. Never heard of that ink either. Humm... I mostly use Palette and Chalk Inks. Maybe I ought'a give these a try too? :-)

    My favorite is the burgandy-brown one with orange. It's the second from the right on the bottom row.

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. Those bottom two are just gorgeous Jan... is the last one gold embossing powder on acetate??

  8. Oh how pretty. I love them all and there is no way I could pick just one :)

    Great job.


  9. I have never heard of these inks-hmmm I want to hear all about them too! I love them all but if I have to just pick one it would be the 4th card- the second row first one!


  10. wow so pretty! Its hard to pick just one but I think the purple is the nicest! All are really beautiful though!

  11. Beautiful cards, I think I like the
    brown and gold one the best.
    They all look great.


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