Monday, August 13, 2007

Rockin Blog

Heather is of the sweetest of ladies over at the Stamp Shack. She is a very creative fun person and she nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Be sure to stop by her blog We Grow By Our Dreams. Big hugs to you Heather. My blog isn't a month old and I can't quite seem to make time to list more of my favorite bloggers. But that list is growing all the time now that I use Google Reader...what a time saver! Here are 5 of my go-to blogs. I am nominating them as Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

First I want to nominate a person who I met while blog surfing...Nancy hails from the land that is truly the farthest north in the state...where the folks don't see the sunrise for many weeks each winter. Checkout Inkcicles-Stamp Art and Life in the Arctic

One of my stamp pals bounces in several of the same circles and we have enjoy playing in some of the same challenges. Check out Stacy's blog Stacy's Memory Triggers

Ah I have been watching Godelieve's blog for a couple years. If you love making your own backgrounds and want to see some great tutorials Stamping Mathilda Just Paper, Ink and Rubber is the place to go! And if you are new blogger she has some great tutorials for you too.

Some people have so many gifts to share and Jennifer is one of them. A seamstress, an animal lover, a great story writer, and a wonderful stamper who just happens to also be fabulous at coloring. Stop in and see her new blog "Thimbles, bobbins, paper and ink"

Oh-oo I need more than five favs!
But for my last I will select Donna another stamper who LOVES techniques...she is always pulling one pretty one after another.
Check out The Stamp Source

Ladies thank you all for teaching me so much!!


  1. Jan, thank you for nominating my blog, and congrats to you ;)
    Well, I found two new (to me) wonderful blogs in your list.

  2. Jan.....I tagged you as a "Thinking Blogger" on my blog. Now, you've been tagged again!!!

  3. Congratulations on the nomination---and by the way...tag, you're IT!



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