Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trying to get ahead

Work has been very intense these last few days...but tonight I decided to get ahead and make 2 full loaves of zucchini bread. It turned out perfect! So glad after I tried to lighten the recipe last week and had a creative disaster. Feeling a tad energized I headed out to the gardens only to realize I had two new zucchini that are now much larger than I usually like to pick them. You ask what to do with all the zucchini...
My top three recipes are-
1. This bread which I call Birdseed Bread because it uses millet in it instead of nuts...yup millet is the little round seed you feed to birds. For people you can buy millet in bulk grain section of most groceries.
2. Zucchini Soup-a tomato base with hamburger and lots of zucchini chucks and Italian spices. Sometimes I use this as a sauce over pasta.
3. Zucchini Casserole--lots of shredded carrot and zucchini chucks with a stuffing topping. After baking my eyes always fool my mind into thinking the carrots are shredded cheese.
If you happen to want any of the above recipes I will happy to e-mail them out but it won't be until this weekend 'cause now I have more cookin' to do! OH my stamps are lonely!!


  1. Ooohhh yummy. I believe I can imagine the aroma of your freshly baked zucchini bread. Sounds soooo good! One more thing I love to use zucchini for is to make "Zucchini Boats". Cut a zucchini in half and stuff with rice, cheese and onions and then bake. Makes a good supper (you can add burger in the mix too).

  2. It all sounds so yummy! Glad you had some baking time. The stamps are so them up tonight.

  3. I'd love the recipie of the two first. Zucchini bread sounds really fun to try!

  4. My Mom used to make us girl zucchini bread when we were little. What a happy memory.

  5. Oh, Jan....I just want to reach into my laptop and grab that bread right out. OMG! I am getting hungry just looking at it!!!

  6. Hi, Jan! I just looked up your blog! You have been busy crafting, haven't you! I would love your Zucchini soup recipe! That sounds so yummy and I bet DH would love it!


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